How to Draw Simple Christmas Trees

Handcrafted cards and tags are one way to make Christmas a little extra special. Do you get a little intimidated at the thought of drawing Christmassy things? Starting with a simple shape (in this case, a long triangle) makes it really simple to draw your own Christmas trees in almost any style. I have four […]

Christ in Christmas

Their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them (Matt. 13:15) I’m a big proponent of personal responsibility.  I feel like it’s […]

Delicious & Fun – How to Make Danish Christmas Pudding

Risalamande | Danish Christmas Pudding |

We’ve been enjoying all of the beautiful Christmas traditions Milly has brought back from Denmark. This one made our Christmas Eve celebrations so much fun! Risalamande is a rice pudding that the Danish traditionally serve on Christmas Eve.  It’s so much more than a delicious desert. It’s also a game that friends and family play […]

How to make Beautiful Danish Heart Baskets – Free Template

Danish Christmas Heart Baskets | Julehjerter |

Let me start by saying these are far more than little heart baskets made from paper. These Julehjerter are Christmas therapy. They’re a key to recapturing the nostalgic Christmas celebrations you long for. I have a theory that what makes us feel like Christmas has lost some of its magic isn’t really all of the extra […]

Introducing An Adorable Danish Nisse – Free Printable Tags!

Wrapped Christmas Gift with Printable Tag - Danish Nisse

Ages before you had an Elf sitting on your shelf, Danish children had the family Nisse. Milly spent last year in Denmark, and assures me that the Danes know better than anyone how to celebrate Christmas. She was absolutely enchanted when the family and guests danced around the Christmas tree, lit by tiny candles. This year we’re […]

24 Simple Ways to Create A Christmas Advent For Your Home

Christmas Advent For My Home | 24 days to a peaceful Christmas home |

When I was a small child my grandparents brought us little chocolate advent calendars from Germany for Christmas. Another countdown was a quilted candy cane that my mother made,  with one candy each day for the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas. In a family of six siblings, somehow we survived the exquisite torture of waiting […]

How to Trade Christmas Chaos for Meaningful Traditions

Merry Christmas | BarbaraAnneWilliams

I honestly and truly love Christmas. I don’t love everything that happens this time of year.  The chaos of the season is just too much to take sometimes. Several years ago, when I was sad that the magic had waned and Christmas had become a bit of a chore, I had an epiphany that saved […]

20 Ways to Add Authentic Vintage Charm Using Fabric Yo Yos

Fabric YoYos Part II |

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts, table decor or ornaments?  Planning ahead for the perfect gift for a new baby?  Want to make a big impression this Mother’s Day? A few weeks ago we explored making fabric yo yos.  As promised, this follow-up post will explore 20 ways to use fabric yo yos in your projects. […]

A Few of my Favorite *little* Things

scissors, paper and punch

The walk to school this morning was beautiful and foggy – I love walking in the fog!  The chilly air and crunchy leaves underfoot are some of my favorite things about Autumn, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Another of my favorite things about the Fall is the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the opportunity […]

How to make a Cute Cowbell Christmas Gift at the Last Minute

More Cowbell! I know, I know. . . you’ve all got Christmas completely covered and don’t need any help.  The stockings are hung, the mice aren’t stirring, neighbors have been gifted, and everything is wrapped under the tree. That’s okay! Just file this idea away for next year. Or better yet, adapt it to your […]