20 Ways to Add Authentic Vintage Charm Using Fabric Yo Yos

Fabric Yo Yo Cards from bitsofivory.comLooking for last minute Christmas gifts, table decor or ornaments?  Planning ahead for the perfect gift for a new baby?  Want to make a big impression this Mother’s Day? A few weeks ago we explored making fabric yo yos.  As promised, this follow-up post will explore 20 ways to use fabric yo yos in your projects.

How to attach a button to your fabric yo yos by bitsofivory.comAs I mentioned in Part One, buttons are my favorite embellishment to finish off the center of fabric yo yos.  I often sew the button through the yoyo and directly into the card, book cover, cloth, etc. for an extra secure attachment to my project.  Illustrated above is my favorite way to attach buttons for a rustic look – sewed on with string or ribbon and knotted on top.  String tails give it a nice little distressed touch.

Twenty ways to embellish your projects with fabric yo yos:

Handcrafted Cards with Yo Yo Embellishment1.  Attach to handcrafted cards with a button center for a floral embellishment.  Add wooden, metal or silk leaves for an extra special touch!

2.  Attach a photo or digital stamp of a flower pot to a handcrafted album (as seen above).  Add a fabric yo yo flower as if it’s growing from the flower pot.

3.  Form a stem from a pipe cleaner and attach a fabric yo yo blossom to the top.  Secure the pipe cleaner stem into a flower pot using florist foam or clay dough.

4.  Embellish a small cloth sack or bag with fabric yo yo blossoms and fill with candy or small gifts for party favors.

5.  Sew fabric yo yos to inexpensive knit winter gloves to dress them up a bit.

6.  Secure yo yos to the front of crocodile clips and then drill small holes in a sanded and painted wooden block at different depths.  Insert the stems of the clips in the holes and secure with glue.  Clip notes or photos for a lovely display – or menus for a dinner party.

7.  Deck the halls with a fabric or paper bunting for the holidays.  Attach a yo yo on the string or ribbon between each pennant to add color and texture.  For a truly different and unique bunting attach white yo yos to a ribbon with string of different lengths to create a snowfall effect.

8.  Make a small maze album and attach a yo yo to the front.  The perfect button can make this ornament truly special.  The ornaments pictured below feature a clipper ship, and on the back cover of the mini album you’ll find the first lines of the Christmas Carol “I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In.”  Crown buttons are easy to find and would be perfect for “We Three Kings.”  The inside pages can be filled with tiny little pictures of loved ones, or signatures and well wishes from friends and family who visit that year – creating a treasured keepsake.

20 Fabric Yo You Projects | www.bitsofivory.com

9.   Affix a single yo yo or an arrangement of them to a head band.  These seem especially adorable for babies and toddler girls, but beware that buttons can pose a choking hazard!  It’s safer to wait until they’re a bit older.

10. Adhere yo yos to hair clips or bobby pins for a unique, hand-crafted accessory.

11. Add a special touch to hand towels in the guest room by attaching coordinating yo yos.  To make the towels more washable, attach the yo yos with snaps or brooch pins for easy removal when laundering.

12. Make adorable kitchen or locker magnets by simply attaching a magnet to the back.  For a cleaner, neater look try placing a strong magnet inside the yo yo before you close it up (stitch in place if you don’t want it to wiggle around).  A set of coordinating yo yo magnets make a great gift!

13. Make a lovely table setting for an event by attaching a yo yo to a cord or twine then tying it around the napkin in place of a napkin ring.

14. A simple yo yo makes a perfect little corsage when you attach it to a brooch pin.  Pin to a coat, scarf or hat for a warm winter adornment.

20 Fabric Yo You Projects | www.bitsofivory.com15. Make a simple phone case unique and special by adding a little yo yo blossom.  The same treatment can be used for pencil cases and fabric lunch totes.

16. Feet should feel pretty too!  Sew little yo yo flowers to a simple pair of ankle socks for a special touch, or make them into shoe clips for a fun fashion addition.

17. To make a quick and simple gift for a bibliophile, simply attach to a length of ribbon for a bookmark that is handcrafted and heartfelt.

18. Add a yo yo to a simple clothes pin for a pretty little clip for papers or notes.  Add to clothes pins that have been covered with pretty paper for something truly spectacular.  A magnet on the back of the clothes pin creates the perfect way to display photos or artwork on the refrigerator making it an ideal gift for Grandmas everywhere.

19. Have you seen the wineglass charms to mark your glass at a party?  For a warmer, cozier version sew a variety of yo yos to earring hoops and allow guests to choose one to attach to the handle of their teacup or mug to keep track of their warm beverage.  You can also use ribbon ties in place of hoops.

20. Of course, there’s always the classic use of the yo yo as an applique on a cushion.  With or without an embroidered stem and leaves it adds a lovely depth and texture to home decor.  For something equally charming try attaching them to the bottom edge of a lamp shade.

Watch for tutorials for step-by-step instructions for some of these projects.  If you’re especially anxious for one of the projects let me know so that I can move it to the top of the list!

*Disclaimer – I was not paid in any way for the product links provided here.  I do adore CuddlyBuddly.com and love working with them as an artist.  They have excellent customer service and are a great little family business.  Hobby Lobby is another place that I find craft supplies for myself, but I am in no way affiliated with them.  The links are simply provided for your convenience, and to illustrate the products I’m referring to in the post.

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