The Scent of Sagebrush – Reflections on a Visit Home To Wyoming

Wyoming Sagebrush

This week I had the opportunity to spend some time camping and hiking out in the middle of Wyoming.  There were so many beautiful moments, but one of my favorites was standing with my eyes closed, face to the gentle breeze, just breathing in the clean, cool, sagebrush-scented air.

I had forgotten how wonderful that can be.

Later that night we looked up at the star-speckled sky and found the Milky Way, clearly visible that moonless night.

Some things just fill me with peace and clarity and gratitude for the Creator’s marvelous handiwork.


Of course, I’m also very, very thankful to be home now, surrounded by lovely flowerbeds and our vegetable garden. And perhaps most importantly a soft bed and pillow.

And every now and again I close my eyes and remember the splendid Wyoming breeze and feel so very blessed.


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