The Family Squirrel Rides Again

The family squirrel hiding in the duck house

The Family Squirrel You may remember the Family Squirrel from THIS POST.  The sneaky little guy appears unexpectedly at homes in our family. Sometimes he’s in disguise, and others times he’s hidden so cleverly that it takes weeks to find him.  And sometimes he’s someplace we can’t miss – but his appearance is shrouded in […]

Random Thursday – Garden Guests

Yeah, I know it’s Tuesday.  That makes this Random Thursday post even more special.  And random. As promised, even if it did take a bit longer than expected, I’m sharing a few of my favorite garden friends!  I love the birds that visit our bird-feeders but my lame camera doesn’t manage to capture bird pictures […]

Random Thursday – The Family Squirrel

Family traditions come in all shapes and sizes.  They’re big and small, serious and fun, formal and informal, and in some cases downright sneaky.  The one thing that the very best traditions have in common is the way they reaffirm the good in our relationships, build bonds of affection, and just give us a chance […]