Creative Inspiration for May

Flowers with matching color swatches

Most of us are still self-isolating, so I hope these bright colors and cheerful thoughts give you a bit of inspiration to make, write, post, paint, or photograph something to share in May! And don’t forget your mom. Bright Colors for Creative Inspiration: Cheery Spring May Deep Green: Hex 495E25 Sherbet: Hex F2AF69 Petal Pink: […]

Grace Shall Be As Your Day!

It’s nearly spring, and the world is filled with hope and promise! Easter is just a few weeks away, and I find myself reflecting on the changes that I’ve made over the past year, and those that I’d like to make in the coming year. Grace shall be as your day This line is from […]

Blueberry Almond Oatmeal That Will Make You Smile

blueberry almond oatmeal

I adore oats. I love adding them to every cookie recipe I try. I love adding them to meatloaf in place of breadcrumbs. But I don’t love goopy, gloppy, breakfast oatmeal. Not one bit. As you know, my Spring resolution is to cook and serve more real foods, and so when I saw this delicious-looking […]

The Day I Found A Brand New Heirloom To Treasure

Tracery oval dish by Wendell August with Florentine cookies

I received a package in the mail last week with these beautiful boxes in it. I love the kind of boxes that you simply tie a pretty silver ribbon around, because they’re just too pretty to wrap. Note the “hand hammered” paper effect that offers a hint at what’s inside. Brilliant. I mean that literally. […]

Whole Wheat Pancakes for Spring Resolutions!

Whole wheat pancakes with whipped cream and berries

As I’ve mentioned before, spring is my favorite time for making resolutions. Everything is new in spring! While we’re celebrating the Easter story and it’s significance in making changes and moving forward in our lives, it just feels like the right time to take a good look at life and make a few course corrections. […]

The Spiral Jetty – Places to See

The Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake | Places to See |

The world is such a beautiful place!  Some lucky people explore as many nooks and crannies as they can – soaking up cultures and languages and adventures wherever they go.  Homebodies (like me) may explore new places through  photos and books and travel blogs.  However we choose to experience the world, I think we often forget […]

Of Bumble Bees, Apple Blossoms and Emily Dickenson

It's all I have to bring to-day by Emily Dickinson | Bumble Bee and Apple Blossoms |

One recent evening I found myself out underneath our apple tree, and was fortunate to capture a photograph of this delightful little visitor to our garden.  The scent of the apple blossoms was so sweet, and the snowy white blossoms so beautiful, I couldn’t help thinking of one of my favorite Hans Christian Andersen stories, […]

4 Tree Pruning Principles You Need to Know for Better Goals

Tree Pruning Principles for Better Spring Resolutions |

Once upon a time our garden-smart neighbor taught my husband how to prune fruit trees.  I cried the day he trimmed our overgrown orchard of four apple trees.  Each snip saw a perfectly good branch fall to the earth below. I was sure that trimming had irreparably damaged the tree. It looked so odd and sparse. And […]

Asparagus Awesomeness

Asparagus Awesomeness |

This week I’m continuing my celebration of spring with one of my very favorite spring vegetables, Asparagus. My husband came up with the name for this post when he saw me taking pictures of my plate of asparagus and asked if the photos were for my blog. There you are, Amore Mio!  Your adoration for […]

Jane Austen – Favorite Things Giveaway

Jane Austen Giveaway - Northanger Abbey & Persuasion |

FAVORITE THINGS – JANE AUSTEN GIVEAWAY – WINNER ANNOUNCED! We decided since this was an old-school giveaway, we’d do an old-school drawing.  Names were written on slips of paper that were placed in a basket, shaken well, then one name was drawn. Congratulations Hannah!  Please contact me by email to claim your prize! I’m glad […]