Grace Shall Be As Your Day!

It’s nearly spring, and the world is filled with hope and promise! Easter is just a few weeks away, and I find myself reflecting on the changes that I’ve made over the past year, and those that I’d like to make in the coming year. Grace shall be as your day This line is from […]

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ” Printable

With work and school I don’t get as much time to play a I used to, but one of my goals this year is to share some of the skills I’ve learned in a way that blesses others. Here’s my first gift of the year to all of you, and I’m hoping to have something […]

4 Faith-Promoting Quotes for Father’s Day

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of thy children.

It was the scariest thing that had happened in all of my few years. The doctor had decided to take my tonsils out. My mom stayed up all night the night before and made me an amazing robe that felt like a warm hug, and my dad took me to the hospital in “the big city,” […]

Make This Luxurious Sugar Scrub Gift for Mother’s Day

Sugar Scrub in jar with printable lid cover

Although last week’s Aromatherapy Dough gift idea is definitely a simple DIY with impressive results, this week’s gift idea is an even easier way to pamper Mom! Sugar scrub recipes are certainly not difficult to find on the internet, and basic ingredients are sugar and oil. You can easily experiment with anything else to get […]

One Extra-Simple Project for a Beautiful Easter Table

Easter basket with religious easter tag

Easter is always incredibly special to me and this Easter is especially precious. My son is preparing to serve a full-time service mission for our Church and will be away for about two years. This Sunday our families will gather to wish him well and send him off. An extra special Easter celebration calls for […]

It takes a lot of faith

Bits of Ivory | It takes a lot of faith |

I’ve been reflecting lately on the twists and turns that my life has taken over the years. I’ve been thinking of the beautiful bends in the river – the valleys that were hidden just around a corner, and the unexpected falls that seemed terrifying at the time, but brought me to peaceful places that changed […]

Liberty Embroidery Pattern

Liberty Embroidery Pattern | Free Printable |

For our second Kickoff to Summer project I’m sharing one of my favorite embroidery patterns.  One of the things I love about this pattern is that it’s so very simple.  So simple, that if you need a quick but impressive gift, or reunion auction item, or patriotic touch for your patio you can whip it up pretty […]

The Librarian’s Daughter – A Mother’s Day Tale

The Librarian's Daughter - A Mother's Day Tale plus printable bookmarks |

Once upon a time with just an apple and a book to keep her company, a young girl rode Babe the horse to a quiet spot for a heavenly, peaceful afternoon of literary adventure.  I hope she enjoyed it while it lasted. A few years later, with a whirlwind of children surrounding her, she must have desperately grasped […]

What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like |

Sometimes what starts as a silly little thing becomes life-changing.  Not life-changing in the dramatic way we’ve come to use that term, but life-changing in the way we view and interact with the everyday world. If I remember correctly, this particular silly little thing began one ordinary evening. I made my husband’s favorite cereal treats […]