How to Make Pretty Paper Snowflakes

Puddle-free Pretty Why paper snowflakes? Winter is cold and slick and treacherous. But it’s also stunningly beautiful at times, and I love the sparkly blanket of white a good snowstorm leaves behind. Despite my aversion to cold, wet, slippery weather, my favorite winter decorations are snowflakes. My Christmas tree is covered with them. Most of […]

How to make Beautiful Danish Heart Baskets – Free Template

Danish Christmas Heart Baskets | Julehjerter |

Let me start by saying these are far more than little heart baskets made from paper. These Julehjerter are Christmas therapy. They’re a key to recapturing the nostalgic Christmas celebrations you long for. I have a theory that what makes us feel like Christmas has lost some of its magic isn’t really all of the extra […]

Distressing Buttons in Three Easy Steps

Distressing Buttons in Three Easy Steps |

Have I mentioned that I love buttons?  And ink? Today we’ll explore what happens when two of my favorite things collide. I have a few go-to solutions for projects that need the special touch of a vintage button.  I’ve purchased some magnificent vintage buttons from Etsy shops in the past, and they are some of […]

Unboxing Family Photos – 5 ways to dust off old albums

Unboxing Family Photos | Using old family photos in your favorite projects |

In generations past, one lucky family member would inherit old family photos.  The others could do little more than hope for a glance when visiting the fortunate photographic heirs.  As technology advanced it became easier to make copies of the treasured family photos, but quality copies were still relatively rare.  I feel so fortunate that […]

What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like |

Sometimes what starts as a silly little thing becomes life-changing.  Not life-changing in the dramatic way we’ve come to use that term, but life-changing in the way we view and interact with the everyday world. If I remember correctly, this particular silly little thing began one ordinary evening. I made my husband’s favorite cereal treats […]

Will You Go With Me? Valentine Masquerade Printable

Masquerade cards from

So, we all feel a little twitterpated around this time of year. There are dances, parties, and of course, valentines! As these times come around, we feel the need to be extra crafty and cute with how we ask. But how do we ask? Well, worry no more! I have come to your rescue! My […]

How to Make Simple Fabric Yo Yos for a Delightfully Vintage Look

Fabric yo yos can make any project feel cozy and vintage.  They are unmistakably handcrafted, and while very simple to make, manage to be impressive.  In the 30s and 40s women sewed them together in quilt-like patterns to make beautiful bedspreads and pillow covers – and even mantle scarves and doilies.  They could be cut […]

A Few of my Favorite *little* Things

scissors, paper and punch

The walk to school this morning was beautiful and foggy – I love walking in the fog!  The chilly air and crunchy leaves underfoot are some of my favorite things about Autumn, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Another of my favorite things about the Fall is the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the opportunity […]

True Confessions Tuesday – How I Learned to Embrace the Sparkle

Winter ornament albums

It’s time for true confessions.  I’ve kept it buried deep inside, but the truth is, I’ve never been a glitter girl.  Maybe not never, but definitely since I can remember. I think sparkly things are pretty, like snowflakes and frosty windowpanes and beautiful mountain brooks shimmering in the sun, but when I’m creating I’m much […]