3 Ways An Island Girl Inspired a Girl in the Mountains

Autumn leaves with Anne of Green Gables Text

What could a girl from a tiny little island in eastern Canada possibly have in common with a girl growing up over 4,500 miles away in the desert mountains of Wyoming? Once upon a time a mutual friend introduced me to Anne of Green Gables, and I’ve never been the same. The Magic of Words […]

It takes a lot of faith

Bits of Ivory | It takes a lot of faith | www.bitsofivory.com

I’ve been reflecting lately on the twists and turns that my life has taken over the years. I’ve been thinking of the beautiful bends in the river – the valleys that were hidden just around a corner, and the unexpected falls that seemed terrifying at the time, but brought me to peaceful places that changed […]

All Her Paths are Peace

Wisdom | Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. - Proverbs 3:17 | www.bitsofivory.com

This is one of my favorite photos of one of my favorite stretches of my walk to work in the mornings.  This quiet little stairway in the side of the hill is lovely, it’s true.  More than that, I treasure this peaceful time and place for reflection and prayer in the morning.  It’s a very […]

Of Boys, Dirt and Ducks – A Garden Tale

Of Boys, Dirt and Ducks - My favorite four-letter words of gardening | www.bitsofivory.com

Gardening may be one of the most romanticized hard-labor activities in literature.  There truly is something enchanting in the alchemy that combines soil and water and tiny little seeds to create marigolds, daisies and hollyhocks.  And homegrown tomatoes. I used to think that the heady scents and delicious flavors of a garden were magical in spite […]

The Spiral Jetty – Places to See

The Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake | Places to See | www.bitsofivory.com

The world is such a beautiful place!  Some lucky people explore as many nooks and crannies as they can – soaking up cultures and languages and adventures wherever they go.  Homebodies (like me) may explore new places through  photos and books and travel blogs.  However we choose to experience the world, I think we often forget […]

A Fond Farewell to Summer

Embrace and Cherish | Barbara Anne Williams www.bitsofivory.com

The summer is waning and autumn is finally tiptoeing in. The pleasant canyon breeze makes my morning walk to work so much cheerier. Is there anything quite as delightful as the scent of the ripening concord grapes hanging from the backyard pergola, or the flavor of sun-ripened garden tomatoes? Welcome, Autumn.  I’ve missed you. Of course, […]

This Is What Happens When I Ask For a Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed at Bits of Ivory

One of my very favorite things about my husband is his ability to build things.  He doesn’t just build them, he takes my little ideas and makes them into something truly great, both in genius and proportion. This particular project was his answer to my plea for a raised garden bed in our backyard vegetable […]

The Scent of Sagebrush – Reflections on a Visit Home To Wyoming


This week I had the opportunity to spend some time camping and hiking out in the middle of Wyoming.  There were so many beautiful moments, but one of my favorites was standing with my eyes closed, face to the gentle breeze, just breathing in the clean, cool, sagebrush-scented air. I had forgotten how wonderful that can […]