How to Make Glass Jars Beautiful With Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint repurposed old jars

Chalk paint and Mason jars seem like a match made in heaven, don’t they? I see them everywhere, and they’re just so charmingly vintage-looking. I’ve wanted to try them for awhile, but one day, as I was cleaning out the refrigerator I had a better idea. I hate tossing away glass jars, especially the ones […]

Delicious Beef and Cabbage Bierocks Made Easy

Beef and cabbage stuffed bierocks

I fell in love with bierocks my freshman year of college. A couple of fellow students offered me a ride home through the ride-share board. Their thoughtful mother sent beef and cabbage stuffed rolls for us to eat on the way. They were delicious! Years later, when I had mastered Google searches, I finally discovered […]

Steal Like an Artist – My Favorite Creative Textbook

Steal Like an Artist Book by Austin Kleon on top of a stack of books

Most of my favorite books are fiction, but this little, charming, easy-to-read textbook from my design classes is one of my favorites. It’s nearly spring, and the sun is starting to peek out, and I couldn’t wait any longer to share Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon, with all of you. Before you run […]

Creative Inspiration for March

Color inspiration photo of daffodils with color swatches

Whatever kind of project you have in mind, I’ve got creative inspiration for you, including a love-inspired color palette and writing/drawing prompts. Whether you’re writing, painting, posting, or snapping photos, here’s a little creative inspiration for your March projects. Colors for March’s Creative Inspiration: Signs of Spring When I think of March, I think green. […]