How to Draw Simple Christmas Trees

Handcrafted cards and tags are one way to make Christmas a little extra special. Do you get a little intimidated at the thought of drawing Christmassy things? Starting with a simple shape (in this case, a long triangle) makes it really simple to draw your own Christmas trees in almost any style. I have four […]

Introducing An Adorable Danish Nisse – Free Printable Tags!

Wrapped Christmas Gift with Printable Tag - Danish Nisse

Ages before you had an Elf sitting on your shelf, Danish children had the family Nisse. Milly spent last year in Denmark, and assures me that the Danes know better than anyone how to celebrate Christmas. She was absolutely enchanted when the family and guests danced around the Christmas tree, lit by tiny candles. This year we’re […]

The Librarian’s Daughter – A Mother’s Day Tale

The Librarian's Daughter - A Mother's Day Tale plus printable bookmarks |

Once upon a time with just an apple and a book to keep her company, a young girl rode Babe the horse to a quiet spot for a heavenly, peaceful afternoon of literary adventure.  I hope she enjoyed it while it lasted. A few years later, with a whirlwind of children surrounding her, she must have desperately grasped […]

Delicious Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Cookies

This particular cookie is an adaptation of a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from my childhood.  It’s pretty much the best. Once upon a time I ran out of chocolate chips, and after a few substitutions these were the delicious result.  If you happen to be out of cranberries and almonds, feel free to substitute […]

Sweet Printable Designs to Celebrate a New Baby

Wee Ones Digi Stamps

In the past few months, it seems as if the stork has been working overtime.  Each new baby has filled us with joy and blessed the lives of friends and family.  Welcoming those wee little miracles has truly been a pleasure. Perhaps that is why I felt especially inspired to revisit the classic Wee Ones art […]

A Few of my Favorite *little* Things

scissors, paper and punch

The walk to school this morning was beautiful and foggy – I love walking in the fog!  The chilly air and crunchy leaves underfoot are some of my favorite things about Autumn, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Another of my favorite things about the Fall is the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the opportunity […]

How to make a Cute Cowbell Christmas Gift at the Last Minute

More Cowbell! I know, I know. . . you’ve all got Christmas completely covered and don’t need any help.  The stockings are hung, the mice aren’t stirring, neighbors have been gifted, and everything is wrapped under the tree. That’s okay! Just file this idea away for next year. Or better yet, adapt it to your […]

A Gift From My Garden

Gifts from your garden can be more than a few (?) spare zucchini!  Fall flowers are in bloom and make some of the prettiest cut arrangements to brighten the chilly days!  Sprigs of herbs can be cut before the frost and given, all ready to freeze or hang to dry.  Gather your favorite garden photos […]