3 Ways An Island Girl Inspired a Girl in the Mountains

Autumn leaves with Anne of Green Gables Text

What could a girl from a tiny little island in eastern Canada possibly have in common with a girl growing up over 4,500 miles away in the desert mountains of Wyoming? Once upon a time a mutual friend introduced me to Anne of Green Gables, and I’ve never been the same. The Magic of Words […]

Will You Go With Me? Valentine Masquerade Printable

Masquerade cards from www.bitsofivory.com

So, we all feel a little twitterpated around this time of year. There are dances, parties, and of course, valentines! As these times come around, we feel the need to be extra crafty and cute with how we ask. But how do we ask? Well, worry no more! I have come to your rescue! My […]

The Forgotten Bliss of Childhood Snow Days

When life gives you snow, make friends | Barbara Anne Williams www.bitsofivory.com

Recently, a friend and I were reminiscing about childhood winter days in Wyoming. We found slick roads and sidewalks charming, and hung our mittens to dry over growing puddles on the porch floor. The bitter cold was a minor inconvenience that was easily remedied by warm cocoa and a seat near the fireplace. If we were very fortunate the radio would announce […]

All Kinds of Love Week – Good Friends

Friendship Gift Cards

Friendship is one of the very best kinds of love, and I feel especially qualified to post on this subject because of my own treasured collection of fine friends. One of my very favorite things about the neighborhood where I live is the remarkable and talented women that I have the opportunity to meet and […]

All Kinds of Love Week – VALENTINE’S DAY!

All Kinds of Love Week - Valentine's Day | Barbara Anne Williams www.bitsofivory.com

Happy Valentine’s Day! I always loved Valentine’s Day when I was young.  I loved picking out cards and treats for my classmates.  Every kid got one, so there wasn’t any danger of anyone feeling left out, but somehow that didn’t make them any less enchanting.  I think what I loved most, though, was decorating a […]

How to Celebrate Family Love With A Gift for Grandparents

All Kinds of Love Week - Family Love | Barbara Anne Williams www.bitsofivory.com

It’s Valentine Week, and we’re going to celebrate all different kinds of love with stories, ideas, tips and more ideas! Today’s idea includes a heartfelt gift for grandparents. Family Love The photo from the album above is my Great-Grandparents, announcing their engagement.  I didn’t know my great-grandfather; he died when my grandfather was very young. […]