How to Draw Simple Christmas Trees

Handcrafted cards and tags are one way to make Christmas a little extra special. Do you get a little intimidated at the thought of drawing Christmassy things? Starting with a simple shape (in this case, a long triangle) makes it really simple to draw your own Christmas trees in almost any style. I have four […]

Quick and Easy Hand Warmers for Valentine’s Day

Picture of heart-shaped hand warmers with tag

Hand warmers are a fantastic alternative to candy for your favorite Valentine. They’re especially precious in my corner of the world, where winter is still in full effect and it’s freezing outside! These heart-shaped warmers are filled with rice and can be reused again and again. Just heat them in the microwave for about 30 […]

How to Make Pretty Paper Snowflakes

Puddle-free Pretty Why paper snowflakes? Winter is cold and slick and treacherous. But it’s also stunningly beautiful at times, and I love the sparkly blanket of white a good snowstorm leaves behind. Despite my aversion to cold, wet, slippery weather, my favorite winter decorations are snowflakes. My Christmas tree is covered with them. Most of […]

Easy Chalkboard Sticks and Stones For The Most Beautiful Words

Mightier Than The Sword Once upon a time I learned a lie. Maybe you learned it too. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Have you ever been impaled on someone’s rapier wit? Have you felt the brutal sting when someone has said something unkind, thoughtless, or even hateful? […]

How to Celebrate the New Year with a Planner Full of Possiblities

Orance notebook with bookmark

I have a love/hate relationship with planners.  I love organizing my time and to-dos, and making lists. Even more than that, I love crossing things off of my lists. But it never lasts. I’ve started some great planners in the past. There are things I love about each of them. I had really high hopes […]

Darling Fabric Yo Yo Gift Cards – A Quick and Easy Project

abric Yo Yo Gift Cards |

We’re back with a flashback fabric yo yo project this morning. These cards are really simple. I say that a lot, but the truth is I really do love simple projects that are done quickly. When I had little ones I loved projects that could be done and cleaned up during naptime.  Now I love […]

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes | DIY |

As you are aware by now, I love really simple projects that look impressive, and these decorative storage boxes definitely qualify.  Upcylced from very utilitarian but not so pretty cardboard boxes, they provide a place to keep odds and ends close at hand without the usual clutter and chaos.  The cardboard containers I used were […]

A Fond Farewell to Summer

Embrace and Cherish | Barbara Anne Williams

The summer is waning and autumn is finally tiptoeing in. The pleasant canyon breeze makes my morning walk to work so much cheerier. Is there anything quite as delightful as the scent of the ripening concord grapes hanging from the backyard pergola, or the flavor of sun-ripened garden tomatoes? Welcome, Autumn.  I’ve missed you. Of course, […]

This Is What Happens When I Ask For a Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed at Bits of Ivory

One of my very favorite things about my husband is his ability to build things.  He doesn’t just build them, he takes my little ideas and makes them into something truly great, both in genius and proportion. This particular project was his answer to my plea for a raised garden bed in our backyard vegetable […]

Tips & Techniques Tuesday – Itty Bitty Rubber Stamps

Welcome to our first official Tips and Techniques Tuesday!  These itty bitty rubber stamps are so much fun when you’re looking for a unique touch.  You’ve probably used a pencil eraser for rubber stamping dots before. With just a few little passes of your craft knife you have a little hand-carved stamp to add character and […]