Creative Inspiration for Your January Projects

Snowy woods scene with color palette

Whether you’re writing, painting, posting, or snapping photos, here’s a little creative inspiration for your January projects. From color ideas to writing prompts, there’s something for everyone! Colors for January: Winter Woods Here are January’s colors, inspired by a beautiful winter day in an Oregon forest. Winter Sky: Hex 6885b1 Trunk Brown: Hex 4f382d Faded […]

Easy Chalkboard Sticks and Stones For The Most Beautiful Words

Mightier Than The Sword Once upon a time I learned a lie. Maybe you learned it too. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Have you ever been impaled on someone’s rapier wit? Have you felt the brutal sting when someone has said something unkind, thoughtless, or even hateful? […]

How to Make Classy Chalkboard Vases from Old Bottles

Chalkboard bottles painted with chalkboard paint from

She called them her “fancies.” Other children collect pebbles. Or seashells. Milly collected glass bottles of every shape and size. Now, after nearly a year and a half in the storage closet it’s time to unpack them, dust them off, and figure out what place they have in a grown woman’s room. In the past […]

Aromatherapy Play Dough For Mothers (and their children)

Aromatherapy dough for mother's day made with love tag

We’ve been mixing up and giving away aromatherapy play dough for a few years ago, and making it for ourselves. The scent can be calming or invigorating, and there’s something just so therapeutic about the texture and motion of squishing and shaping the dough. I’ve tried many different recipes over the years, and experimented with […]

One Extra-Simple Project for a Beautiful Easter Table

Easter basket with religious easter tag

Easter is always incredibly special to me and this Easter is especially precious. My son is preparing to serve a full-time service mission for our Church and will be away for about two years. This Sunday our families will gather to wish him well and send him off. An extra special Easter celebration calls for […]

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes

Easy Upcycled Decorative Storage Boxes | DIY |

As you are aware by now, I love really simple projects that look impressive, and these decorative storage boxes definitely qualify.  Upcylced from very utilitarian but not so pretty cardboard boxes, they provide a place to keep odds and ends close at hand without the usual clutter and chaos.  The cardboard containers I used were […]

20 Ways to Add Authentic Vintage Charm Using Fabric Yo Yos

Fabric YoYos Part II |

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts, table decor or ornaments?  Planning ahead for the perfect gift for a new baby?  Want to make a big impression this Mother’s Day? A few weeks ago we explored making fabric yo yos.  As promised, this follow-up post will explore 20 ways to use fabric yo yos in your projects. […]

How to Make Simple Fabric Yo Yos for a Delightfully Vintage Look

Fabric yo yos can make any project feel cozy and vintage.  They are unmistakably handcrafted, and while very simple to make, manage to be impressive.  In the 30s and 40s women sewed them together in quilt-like patterns to make beautiful bedspreads and pillow covers – and even mantle scarves and doilies.  They could be cut […]

All Kinds of Love Week – Loving what you do

All Kinds of Love - Friendship | Barbara Anne Williams

I’m not talking about only doing things you love.  That’s irresponsible.  I’m not even talking about loving every single thing you have to do.  Even when we find satisfaction in our work, there are always unpleasant things that we must do – things that we tolerate and wade through, but hope not to have to […]

My Craft Studio

Bits of Ivory Craft Studio |

I’ve always loved looking at photos of other people’s studios.  I find them fascinating!  I love seeing what creative people surround themselves with when they’re most in need of inspiration.  I love seeing what creative storage and display solutions they come up with.  Now I’m so happy to share mine as well! As I mentioned […]