How to Draw Simple Christmas Trees

Handcrafted cards and tags are one way to make Christmas a little extra special. Do you get a little intimidated at the thought of drawing Christmassy things? Starting with a simple shape (in this case, a long triangle) makes it really simple to draw your own Christmas trees in almost any style. I have four […]

Darling Fabric Yo Yo Gift Cards – A Quick and Easy Project

abric Yo Yo Gift Cards |

We’re back with a flashback fabric yo yo project this morning. These cards are really simple. I say that a lot, but the truth is I really do love simple projects that are done quickly. When I had little ones I loved projects that could be done and cleaned up during naptime.  Now I love […]

Unboxing Family Photos – 5 ways to dust off old albums

Unboxing Family Photos | Using old family photos in your favorite projects |

In generations past, one lucky family member would inherit old family photos.  The others could do little more than hope for a glance when visiting the fortunate photographic heirs.  As technology advanced it became easier to make copies of the treasured family photos, but quality copies were still relatively rare.  I feel so fortunate that […]

Will You Go With Me? Valentine Masquerade Printable

Masquerade cards from

So, we all feel a little twitterpated around this time of year. There are dances, parties, and of course, valentines! As these times come around, we feel the need to be extra crafty and cute with how we ask. But how do we ask? Well, worry no more! I have come to your rescue! My […]

20 Ways to Add Authentic Vintage Charm Using Fabric Yo Yos

Fabric YoYos Part II |

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts, table decor or ornaments?  Planning ahead for the perfect gift for a new baby?  Want to make a big impression this Mother’s Day? A few weeks ago we explored making fabric yo yos.  As promised, this follow-up post will explore 20 ways to use fabric yo yos in your projects. […]

How to Make Simple Fabric Yo Yos for a Delightfully Vintage Look

Fabric yo yos can make any project feel cozy and vintage.  They are unmistakably handcrafted, and while very simple to make, manage to be impressive.  In the 30s and 40s women sewed them together in quilt-like patterns to make beautiful bedspreads and pillow covers – and even mantle scarves and doilies.  They could be cut […]

Sweet Printable Designs to Celebrate a New Baby

Wee Ones Digi Stamps

In the past few months, it seems as if the stork has been working overtime.  Each new baby has filled us with joy and blessed the lives of friends and family.  Welcoming those wee little miracles has truly been a pleasure. Perhaps that is why I felt especially inspired to revisit the classic Wee Ones art […]

All Kinds of Love Week – Loving what you do

All Kinds of Love - Friendship | Barbara Anne Williams

I’m not talking about only doing things you love.  That’s irresponsible.  I’m not even talking about loving every single thing you have to do.  Even when we find satisfaction in our work, there are always unpleasant things that we must do – things that we tolerate and wade through, but hope not to have to […]

All Kinds of Love Week – VALENTINE’S DAY!

All Kinds of Love Week - Valentine's Day | Barbara Anne Williams

Happy Valentine’s Day! I always loved Valentine’s Day when I was young.  I loved picking out cards and treats for my classmates.  Every kid got one, so there wasn’t any danger of anyone feeling left out, but somehow that didn’t make them any less enchanting.  I think what I loved most, though, was decorating a […]

New from Bits of Ivory – Sugar & Spice Collection

handmade card

Vintage Inspired Illustrations I’ve just added my newest set of digi stamp illustrations to the shop at!  This set was inspired by vintage family photos and the colors in the paper set reflect that vintage feel. You’ll find roses and forget-me-nots, a baby doll, and a favorite book with these sweet girls.  The sentiments also […]