Whole Wheat Pancakes for Spring Resolutions!

Whole wheat pancakes with whipped cream and berries

As I’ve mentioned before, spring is my favorite time for making resolutions. Everything is new in spring! While we’re celebrating the Easter story and it’s significance in making changes and moving forward in our lives, it just feels like the right time to take a good look at life and make a few course corrections. […]

New from Bits of Ivory – Sugar & Spice Collection

handmade card

Vintage Inspired Illustrations I’ve just added my newest set of digi stamp illustrations to the shop at www.buddly.com!  This set was inspired by vintage family photos and the colors in the paper set reflect that vintage feel. You’ll find roses and forget-me-nots, a baby doll, and a favorite book with these sweet girls.  The sentiments also […]

A Cupcake Kind of Day!

It really *IS* a cupcake kind of day. . . I think I’m going to let my own little Chef Alonzo have free rein in the kitchen for awhile.  Cupcakes are his specialty, which is what inspired this sweet digi stamp in the first place.  Chocolate cupcakes.  Or white.  I don’t much care at this […]

Spring is In The Air!

Well, not really.  I had a lovely walk in the snow this morning.  For a moment there was a break in the clouds and I caught a glimpse of that gorgeous contrast of clear, bright blue sky against the clean, newly fallen snow.  It’s magical, really.  When a kind neighbor offered me a ride I […]

When Time Zones Are Our Friends

Guess what!  It’s already tomorrow on a beautiful little Scottish island I know of, and I don’t have to wait one more moment, or count down again. . . because it’s here!!! I’m so excited about ALL of the new products, as you’ve read in my recent blog posts – but perhaps the most exciting for […]

Mmmmm, Strawberries!

More new digi stamps have been added to our shop at www.CuddlyBuddly.com!  We want to thank you for the enthusiastic response to our new selection of line art, and we’d love to see what fabulous creations you’re making with it! In addition to our little bucket of strawberries, we have the flowers from our April Blossoms […]

Warm Winter Wishes

All Kinds of Love Week - Valentine's Day | Barbara Anne Williams www.bitsofivory.com

Brrrr – It’s COLD outside!  I don’t love slipping and sliding all the way along my morning walks.  I really don’t like slipping and sliding and falling on those walks.  But there’s something so magical and beautiful about a world all white with snow, and tree branch tips covered in shimmering ice.  I’d be lying […]

Volterra at Bramble & Vine

I just added a new set of magnets to my shop at Bramble & Vine featuring photos from Volterra, Italy.  These are perfect for architecture enthusiasts and lovers of all things Tuscan or Italian.  Realistically, though, I realize that their biggest draw is that they’re the literary home of the Volturi from the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.  […]

New Art Set at Bits of Ivory – Nativity!

We’re finally ready to announce our new Christmas art set just a wee bit late for Christmas in July.  We hope it’s still early enough for those preparing for Craft Fairs this fall!  You cand find NATIVITY in our Bits of Ivory shop (along with more detailed views).  This set has been on my drawing […]

Happy Spring Sale at Bits of Ivory!!!

Don’t miss our celebration of Spring this year at Bits of Ivory.  You’ll get 50% off many of our printables sets and 25% off of our clipart sets!  We’ve never had a sale this large, and we don’t have sales very often – so this is a great opportuinty to either try our digital artwork for […]