Sweet Feet – Yo Yo Baby Socks

It’s hard to think of anything cuter than little tiny baby feet, so I can truly say that these embellished socks are one of my favorite projects.  Even better, they are quick and easy to make, especially if you have a jar of fabric yo yos in your supplies!

Sweet Feet Yo Yo Baby Socks | www.bitsofivory.com

For each pair of socks you will need:

1 Pair of socks with cuffs
2 Fabric yo yos (instructions here)
2 Buttons
Coordinating thread

Sweet Feet - Yo Yo Baby Socks | www.bitsofivory.com

  1. With a marker, make a dot on each sock to mark the placement of the yo yo blossom.
  2. Thread  a needle and knot the end of the thread.
  3. Tack a button to the center of each yo yo by stitching through each buttonhole once.  End with the thread on top of the button.
  4. Turn the socks inside out, and line the yo yo up with the placement mark from step #1.
  5. Sew the button and yo yo to the sock and end by knotting the thread very securely.
  6. Tug on the button and yo yo to be sure that they are attached well.  This step should be repeated each time you put the socks on the baby just to be sure you don’t have any loose buttons for them to play with.  And eat.


These make fantastic baby gifts.  While simple and quick to put together, the custom, hand-crafted feel makes a big impression.  For the rustic looking buttons shown here simply follow last week’s tutorial for distressing plain buttons. You’ll also find other fun ideas for fabric yo yos here.

Whose sweet little feet would you make these for?

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