One Extra-Simple Project for a Beautiful Easter Table

Easter basket with religious easter tag

Easter is always incredibly special to me and this Easter is especially precious. My son is preparing to serve a full-time service mission for our Church and will be away for about two years.

This Sunday our families will gather to wish him well and send him off.

An extra special Easter celebration calls for truly beautiful and meaningful decorations. Unfortunately, my time is very limited, and I need to keep things simple. Beautiful and simple should always be words that go together!

Easter basket with religious easter tag

I chose a few of my favorite Easter Scriptures and a quote, and designed these table tents for centerpieces. In place of the usual pink pastels of Easter I opted for a little bit darker orange particularly for my son.

And then I decided that I loved this beautiful, easy project so much I wanted to share it with all of you for your own holiday celebrations!

Easter basket with religious easter tag

To use them as table tents, simply print (be sure to click the “fit to page” option) and cut on the long line down the center. Fold on the short lines and the table tent stands up on its own, with a different message on each side.

To make tags just cut along the small guidelines too. For these tags I mounted the quotes on white cardstock to make the lettering really stand out. The tag can be tied on or even clipped to a basket, vase or even Easter Lily!

Easter basket with religious easter tag

The Printable Project:

You can download the printable PDF here. If you love these tags, instead of sharing the file, please share the link to this post! That will give your favorite people a chance to peek around the site to see if there is anything else they’d like to try!

And I wish you everything beautiful and simple for your own Easter celebration.

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