HELP! A fun project just in time for Earth Day.

I know we like to think that we invented everything cool and “green” in the last generation or so – but recycling has been around a very long time.  I think I first realized this when I took a pair of my husband’s worn-out Carharts out of the dryer one day and realized that they couldn’t ever be mended enough to make them wearable again.  I remember the sad feeling as I picked them up and looked at all of the heavy, durable fabric around the many holes and thought there must be something it could be used for.  It struck me in an instant.  I had become my grandmother.

Before there were recycle bins, both of my grandmothers cut old milk or bleach jugs “just so” and hung them from the laundry line to hold clothes pins.  Old tin cans were the perfect place to start seedlings for the garden.  An old washtub, a few boards and a wheel made a perfect makeshift wheelbarrow.  Things were used until they could be used no more.  It was a beautiful thing.

Starting next week I’ll be posting some fun different ideas for good old fashioned recycling in the craft room and studio.  From project ideas to organizational tools there’s sure to be something to spark your own ideas for reinventing some of the things you have lying around the house.

And now for the really fun part, I hope.  I need some help!  I have been reorganizing my craft room (more on that next week) and have a few boxes of things to go to a local thrift store.  I also have some lovely paper scraps, tags, stickers, etc. that really aren’t useful for the thrift store, but are too lovely to just toss away.  I no longer have the manufacturer’s information on many of them, making it impossible to use for items I’ll be selling at Bramble & Vine. 

To give these beautiful ribbons and buttons and papers and things a chance to become something wonderful, I’d like to invite everyone to participate in the first annual Bits of Ivory Blog Scrap My Scraps Celebration.  Each participant will receive an envelope full of lovely things to create with, all coordinating.  You’re welcome to make scrapbook pages, cards, albums, tags, ATC cards or whatever else comes to mind!  Just for fun I’ll even include a couple of template ideas for cards that you can use if you’re stuck for ideas.  The only requirement is that each participant take a photo for me of what they created so that I can post it here on the blog.

If you’re interested, please send me an email or post here with your 3 favorite color combinations to work with (I’ll try very hard to give everyone something they’ll enjoy).  I’ll deliver or mail the packages out by next Thursday – and then you have until May 15th to email me a photo of something you made.  Use whatever you like, and there’s certainly no obligation to use everything in the package!  I can’t wait to see what beautiful things you all come up with!

Barbara Anne Williams
Bits of Ivory
Bramble & Vine @Etsy and @1000Markets

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