Easy Chalkboard Sticks and Stones For The Most Beautiful Words

Mini chalkboards from old game pieces with words written on them

Mightier Than The Sword

Once upon a time I learned a lie. Maybe you learned it too.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.

Have you ever been impaled on someone’s rapier wit? Have you felt the brutal sting when someone has said something unkind, thoughtless, or even hateful? We all know that words can hurt so much more than broken flesh.

Words are powerful.

But the good news is that they’re not just powerful when they’re destructive. They’re powerful healers. They’re powerful relationship-builders. They’re powerful teachers, builders, and creators. Kind words are the most beautiful words there are.

Beautiful words are the most powerful.

I’ve been trying to find ways to use my words to lift and spread kindness in a world that’s far too eager to criticize and cut. Sometimes the little things can make all of the difference, and this simple, inexpensive project is one of those little things.

Rocks painted with chalkboard paint with the words kind, worthy, and brave written on them

Chalkboard Sticks and Stones

Sometimes when I’m asleep at night I think of project ideas. A couple of years ago I used chalkboard paint to up-cycle old bottles into beautiful vases. They’re still one of my favorite things, and I’ve wondered since what else would make a great chalkboard.

My idea for little chalkboards started out with up-cycled stones. Since I was a wee thing I’ve loved stones. I “used to” collect them in my pockets, and I still secretly long for a rock polisher. In the meantime, this is a lovely way to collect and display them like a grownup.

Next came the up-cycled game piece “sticks” from a game with missing pieces that hadn’t been played in years.

Together they felt like the perfect little objects to display kind words in a fun new way.

You could paint words, but when you’re surrounded by something that stays the same, pretty soon you don’t really see it anymore. Chalk allows you to think of new encouraging words, or celebrate special occasions, or personalize the messages for guests or family, and keep them fresh and new.

I used regular chalk sticks, but for a less smudgy experience you could use chalk markers instead (just wipe with a damp cloth when you’re ready to try new words).

For the Stones

  1. Choose stones that have a smooth, flat-ish side that will be easy to write on.
  2. Wash the stones to get any loose dirt off. Allow to dry.
  3. Apply 3-5 coats of Chalkboard spray paint, allowing to dry between coats.
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Then flip the stones over and repeat steps 3 and 4 on this side.

For the Sticks

  1. Choose wooden game pieces with a flat surface (I used mini “tumbling tower game” pieces, but dominoes would also work well).
  2. If the pieces have a glossy finish, sand them to prepare them for the paint.
  3. Apply 3-5 coats of Chalkboard spray paint, allowing to dry between coats.
  4. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Then flip the stones over and repeat steps 3 and 4 on this side.

You know how much I love an easy project that looks impressive. This is one of those projects.

Upcycled game pieces create little chalkboards with strong, brave, and worthy written on them

Use Your Words

Once you have these made, you’re likely to start thinking of so many ways to use them. My first thought was to display these at home and at work to encourage and uplift me, and those around me. It’s a great reminder to be kind and thoughtful, or to encourage me to work toward my goals.

Since I’ve started playing with them I’ve thought of other ways to use them too:

  • These would make great place settings at a holiday or birthday dinner. At Thanksgiving, in place of names or favorite things about our guests, each guest could write what they’re thankful for.
  • The stones would make lovely little prayer rocks, with a favorite verse, or prayer list reminder written on them.
  • The stones would make a fun addition to brighten a little fairy garden. Children who love to pretend could leave messages back and forth with the garden’s inhabitants.
  • A little set could be packaged prettily with chalk for a neighbor, hostess, or other gift.
  • It’s almost time to get back to school – and these would make adorable and unique teacher gifts!

It’s true that words are powerful, and beautiful words are the most powerful.

I hope this project brings a little bit of beauty and happiness to your little corner of the world. What words make your world just a bit better today?

A bowl of chalkboard stones with encouraging words written on them

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