Digital Scrapbook Artist, Continued

As promised, here are a few of my very favorite tools in the program.

First, Brushes.  Everyone loves brushes, and different brushes are provided with each theme to compliment the look of your pages perfectly.  From stitches and beads to grungy edges and paint effects, there’s something for just about any look you’re going for.  If you’re feeling particularly creative you can even make your own brushes to use.  Settings such as size and transparency give you flexibility as you use your brushes, and for those who have pen and tablet mouses, it has pressure sensitivity to vary the line width or transparency as you’re drawing.

The cutting and cropping tools in this program are some of my favorites.  You can cut freeform shapes with the scissor tool, choosing from many different scissor shapes for a scalloped, pinking, zig zag or other edge.  Just as with cutting paper, you’re left with both pieces of the beginning shape, now cut into separate objects to be arranged as you wish – or toss one away by deleting it!  This clever little feature also works with the preset shape cutter.

Another favorite feature is shape text.  Simply select a preset shape and place it on the page, or create your own by drawing a closed line, and then select the shape and start typing!  Your text will automatically flow within the shape.  It’s easy to keep journaling right on your journaling tag!  Of course, if you simply want the text to fill a certain shape but don’t want the shape behind it (heart shaped text on your background, for instance), you can detach the text as a new item when you’re finished and delete the original shape.

Drop shadows are fantastically easy to manipulate in Digital Scrapbook Artist.  Simply click and drag it until it gives you the perfect depth!  You can also easily change the skew of the shadow to give the impression that the object isn’t lying flat for just a bit more dimension.  Other effects to add interest to the page include embossing, feathered edges, paper textures, transparency and even some great 3D preset effects for realistic looking metalics, woods, etc.

Watch Friday for a few more of my favorite things about this program!

Barbara Anne Williams
Bits of Ivory
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