Digital Scrapbook Artist – A few last thoughts

I’ll just share a few last thoughts about the Digital Scrapbook Artist software today.

I was impressed at how easy it was to pick a page template and then customize the size of the page.  You can use this software to create pages of any shape or size, which makes it very convenient for many different projects, from framed pieces to paper-bag albums and cards.

While Serif plans to have commercial licenses available for the Daisy Trail sets soon, at this time they can only be used for personal projects.  In the meantime, professional scrapbookers and designers can still use the fantastic features of this software with other digital scrapbooking kits that do allow for commercial use!

As a designer and graphic artist, I use my image editing programs almost on a daily basis.  For quick and easy digital scrapbooking without the fuss, though, I’ll definitely turn to this software.  I know several family members who become frustrated with the more complicated programs when they simply want a beautiful page and the drag-and-drop format of this software is a perfect solution.  You can find the software online for under $50.00 either from Serif or Amazon

Barbara Anne Williams
Bits of Ivory
Bramble & Vine @Etsy and @1000Markets

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