3 Sweet Little “Child of God” Patterns to Stitch for Free

Being Vulnerable

Recently I ran across a few original embroidery patterns while I was organizing some old digital files. I had prepared them to share on the blog thirteen years ago, but somehow never did.

I almost didn’t share it again.

My drawing style has evolved over the years, and my software and skills were both a bit primitive way back then. I thought about just leaving them tucked away.

But I’ve been listening to the Honest Designer’s podcast, and they’ve convinced me to be more vulnerable.

And more importantly, the patterns made me smile and still have a special place in my heart.

Handcrafted With Love

You see, love has always looked homemade to me. From Grandma O’s homemade pajamas to Grandma C’s crocheted dolls, holidays were always special. One Christmas that my mom called “lean” and I remember as “the best Christmas ever” most of our gifts were handmade by her, including handcrafted stuffed animals for each of the six kids.

So once upon a time, when my giant offspring were still wee little things, I followed that legacy of homemade love.

I designed and created something special for each of them.

A Child Of God

Each of the three designs bore a message dear to my heart. They didn’t just express my love, they were a reminder of their Heavenly Father’s love for them, too.

You can see from the photo above how worn and weathered they are after over a decade. Let’s just call them well-loved, shall we?

One of them has escaped us. And apparently it escaped us in the beginning as well. Here are the pillows as they originally looked in 2005! I can’t find a picture of the sweet little lamb anywhere, but I swear it existed (and still does somewhere).

I am a Child of God embroidered pillows with flowers and sailboat

Sharing is Caring

The patterns are so very simple, and would be a great sampler for beginning stitchers. And I’m hoping that sharing them now will give you time to make them for Christmas gifts if you’re looking for ideas. They also make great baby gifts.

I am a Child of God embroidery pattern with flowers          I am a Child of God embroidery pattern with star and lamb           I am a Child of God embroidery pattern with star and sailboat

Just click, print, and trace onto cloth. I like to use washable fabric embroidery pens in case my stitches don’t quite cover the lines.

Love is Homemade

In a world that is more and more digital, handcrafted gifts have become increasingly precious. The gift isn’t just in the finished product, it’s also in the time and care taken to create something special.

So in the spirit of vulnerability, I hope you’ll enjoy these simple patterns! And I hope that these lovingly-created treasures will make your next Christmas, or birthday, or other celebration extra special.

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