Read Your Favorite Classics For Free

two antique books

This month I wanted to share a resource for books that I hope you’ll love. Did you know that many of your favorite classics that are in the public domain are available for free through Project Gutenberg? Over 60,000 books are available for free in digital format so that you can read them on your […]

Persuasion by Jane Austen – May’s Book of the Month

Persuasion book open

I love all things Jane Austen. Even this blog is a nod to her and her “little bit of ivory” that has delighted readers for centuries. I know some readers have a hard time seeing past the “fluffy romance” to the deeper relationships, observations of human nature, and humor; and they’re missing out. This month […]

Rose Daughter – A Retelling of a Beloved Fairytale

Book with Lenten Rose

Tale as Old as Time I love the old fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. In college, I found Beauty by Robin McKinley and it quickly became my favorite version. That is until I stumbled across her Rose Daughter a few years later and it stole the place of honor in my heart and on […]

Steal Like an Artist – My Favorite Creative Textbook

Steal Like an Artist Book by Austin Kleon on top of a stack of books

Most of my favorite books are fiction, but this little, charming, easy-to-read textbook from my design classes is one of my favorites. It’s nearly spring, and the sun is starting to peek out, and I couldn’t wait any longer to share Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon, with all of you. Before you run […]

The Blue Castle – An Unlikely Love Story

Book club sign with stack of books and cover of The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery

It’s February, the traditional month for celebrating love. L. M. Montgomery is one of my favorite authors, and when I stumbled across this story it quickly became my favorite of hers. Nothing Left to Lose At 29, Valancy has given up hope of ever having a home (the Blue Castle of her dreams) and family […]

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow: A Book to Read on Frosty Days

I’m a little bit enchanted with fairy tales, and especially love comparing different versions of my favorites. I ran across Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George when looking for something else entirely. And I fell in love. Nothing is as it seems The hero of this story doesn’t save the princess. […]

The French Impressionist – Dreadful Secrets, Desperate Lies, & Love

The French Impressionist by Rebecca Bischoff with Nutellas and Bananas |

Once upon a time Rebecca and I were inseparable. Literally, for about three months in the city of Torino, we spent all of our time together as missionaries. We used to dream of owning a book and gift store together someday where we would read and chat all day long. Instead, she wrote a book called […]

3 Ways An Island Girl Inspired a Girl in the Mountains

Autumn leaves with Anne of Green Gables Text

What could a girl from a tiny little island in eastern Canada possibly have in common with a girl growing up over 4,500 miles away in the desert mountains of Wyoming? Once upon a time a mutual friend introduced me to Anne of Green Gables, and I’ve never been the same. The Magic of Words […]

5 Book Series That Will Inspire Summer Adventures

5 Book Series to inspire summer adventures | Janitors |

I always looked forward to summer vacation as a child.  I looked forward to it even more as a mother of young children. The freedom to explore and experience life with fewer boundaries and time constraints has always made it a little bit special. I tend to bristle a bit when researchers prescribe continued educational exercises over […]

Jane Austen – Favorite Things Giveaway

Jane Austen Giveaway - Northanger Abbey & Persuasion |

FAVORITE THINGS – JANE AUSTEN GIVEAWAY – WINNER ANNOUNCED! We decided since this was an old-school giveaway, we’d do an old-school drawing.  Names were written on slips of paper that were placed in a basket, shaken well, then one name was drawn. Congratulations Hannah!  Please contact me by email to claim your prize! I’m glad […]