Bramble & Vine

Although I aboslutely love creating digital artwork and selling it here at Bits of Ivory – I still like to get my hands (and table) dirty every now and again. I’m thrilled to be offering a few of my handcrafted items for sale now, but wanted to be sure to keep things uncomplicated for customers of Bits of Ivory who buy digital artwork in downloads. To avoid any confusion on whether an item is a digital image or kit, or a real-life, shipped-to-your-home item, I’m selling my handcrafted items at Etsy under the name of Bramble & Vine (

The children are headed back to school this week and I’m hoping to get a few more sets off of my drawing board and into the store here! I’ve also got a few fun little project ideas to post here on the blog so be sure to watch for them.

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