All Kinds of Love Week – VALENTINE’S DAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

All Kinds of Love Week - Valentine's Day | Barbara Anne Williams

I always loved Valentine’s Day when I was young.  I loved picking out cards and treats for my classmates.  Every kid got one, so there wasn’t any danger of anyone feeling left out, but somehow that didn’t make them any less enchanting.  I think what I loved most, though, was decorating a Valentine’s Day mailbox to receive the Valentines.  I still remember the giddiness that came with delivering packages to each mailbox – matching the names, and feeling like the best mailman ever.  Opening each note was like getting mail from the real post – a thrill of excitement, knowing that you held something in your hands that was especially for you.

I have a neighbor that understands the importance of mail that is delivered by a postman.  She sometimes writes my children lovely little notes of thanks or congratulations, and they come delivered with the other mail.  They are a beautiful little surprise, and shine all the brighter when tucked in with the disappointing junk mail.  They are special, and because of that, they make my children feel extra-special.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I get a silly little grin on my face whenever I get a handwritten note in the mail too!  Yesterday I received an honest-to-goodness Valentine from a friend who lives far, far away.  Bliss.  That it was handmade by her made it even more of a treasure.  I felt like a little girl with my paper-covered tissue box.

So your mission today is to write a Valentine.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be handwritten, because that makes it personal and special.  It can be hand-delivered, or delivered by the postman.  Who cares if it arrives late?  The person you send it to will be thrilled no matter what day it arrives.  It can be short and sweet, or include a sweet, or just all of the sweet things you cherish about that person.  And I bet when it comes right down to it, it’ll make you smile too.


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