The Day I Found A Brand New Heirloom To Treasure

Wendell August Boxes

I received a package in the mail last week with these beautiful boxes in it. I love the kind of boxes that you simply tie a pretty silver ribbon around, because they’re just too pretty to wrap.

Note the “hand hammered” paper effect that offers a hint at what’s inside.


Oval dish by Wendell August with Tracery pattern

I mean that literally.

BRILLIANT, and shiny and absolutely, stunningly beautiful!

I had expected something very pretty after looking at their website, but the heirloom-quality details took me a little by surprise. It’s so difficult to capture the details in a photo.

It has the feel of something my grandmother would have loved to bring out at family dinners. Like something she would have kept on display in the china cabinet between celebrations.

Florentine cookies on a Wendell August oval dish in Tracery pattern

This oval dish is from their tracery collection, and it’s perfect for spring. Or summer or autumn, really. It’s perfect for any special occasion.

Today was an extra-special day.  It was Easter and we had so much family getting together to wish my son well as he begins his service mission for our church. Some dear friends brought my husband’s favorite Florentine cookies as a gift, and I loved having the perfect dish to serve/display them in.

Oval dish by Wendell August in the Tracery pattern with Florentine cookies

Those who know me well know that I don’t have many fancy things around. I like to keep things simple and even a little bit rustic.

I choose my special pieces very carefully, and much of what we have in our home has a long history before it ever comes to us.

I love the feeling of being surrounded by stories.

I love that even though these pieces are new, they have that feeling of history. They’re hand-crafted using the tried and true methods of the past, and that might just be one of my favorite things about them.

Wintersong Tray by Wendell August

And they have snowflakes.


This square snack tray with the Wintersong pattern stole my heart.

You’re going to see a lot of it this winter. If I can wait that long. Maybe you’ll see it for Christmas in July. And I’m pretty sure their snowflake ornaments are going to be on my tree this year.

Snowflake pattern of dish by Wendell August

After I’d had the chance to fall in love with these beautiful pieces, I was thrilled when Wendell August offered me the opportunity to affiliate with them. As usual, affiliate links are in red so that you can easily find them.

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